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yes. no but its w/e

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George Takei responds to “traditional” marriage fans. 

George Takei is flawfree.

The fact that all of the ass holes couldn’t make their statements any sort of intelligible shows me that their parents did it wrong. If you’re going to have a hypocritical and homophobic opinion at least articulate it with some grace. 


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lol bruh


lol bruh

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Works by Zambian artist Chilyapa Lwando

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‘Indian Nations’ by Danny Lyon

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I got to use a Pentax 645D over the weekend. It’s the first digital medium format I’ve tried, and I think it just ruined basically every other digital camera for me. All the feelings I had when I moved from 35mm to medium format (film) so many years ago came rushing back in full force.

It’s big, heavy, expensive, painfully slow and relatively low res; but none of that matters because the sensor is the size of an aircraft carrier and produces a look you just can’t get any other way.

Above: a completely untouched shot and 100% crop. The black border is natural, you’re actually getting the full output of the sensor (kind of like the frame edges on 120 film.) Here’s the 60MB RAW file, if you’re curious.

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